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Singer Songwriter

Charley Pinfold is a singer songwriter with an equal love for storytelling and making music. Charley first got her appetite for music at the age of nine when she convinced her mum to buy her a drum-kit. With rhythm very much in her blood, it wasn't too long before Charley became an accomplished drummer and percussionist, relishing the opportunity to sing and play the drums simultaneously, just like her drumming hero Phil Collins. With a background also in acting and writing for theatre, in her 20's, Charley decided it was time to start writing about her own life for a change, rather than solely the fictional characters of her plays. Through song writing Charley finally found the perfect stage where she could truly be herself.


Charley's music is an original blend of acoustic pop, folk and rock, fusing raw heartfelt vocals with playful lyrics that pack a punch. Charley's gutsy and honest performance style has attracted many loyal fans, and whether singing or storytelling, her passion for music and people is infectious.


In 2011 Charley recorded her debut EP 'Penny in my Pocket' in Colorado Springs. 'Penny in my Pocket' was released on her birthday - 2nd September and true to the song 'Candles', she blew out the candles on her birthday cake with no regrets. 2 years later Charley released her 2nd EP 'Tiptoe' on 16th May 2013.


Charley now has her eyes firmly set on the year ahead and inspiring others through her music and script writing. Charley is a genuine artist - passionate, original and uniquely talented.

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Charley Pinfold / Singer Songwriter